Software Tools for FFLs
  • Just Released!
    Stuck with a Bound Book in your
    Point of Sale or Pawn Software?
    But you need the functionality
    that only FFL Tools Software offers.
    Without replacing your existing
    Bound Book!
    Introducing the 4473 Seller and
    Client Standalone Applications.
  • Introducing
    , Invoices
    Sales Receipts
    All From Within
    FFL Tools
  • Background Check
    More states to follow !
    Transfer of data to Federal NICS
    with a double-click of the mouse.
    State systems currently supported:
    Colorado, Utah, Pennsylvania
    Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois
  • Multiple Sales Reports
    Automatically creates Multiple Sales Reports
    where applicable.
  • Vendor by eZCheck
    Create or Verify a Vendor with the
    integrated eZCheck
  • Electronic 4473
    Run the Client on one or many computers
    Finish processing in the Seller
    When Client is finished proceed to the Seller
  • Bound Book Reports
    Bound Book Reports for all your needs:
    Normal, Dated, Gunsmith, Simple Manufacturing
  • Robust Backups
    Multiple options for backing up your data
    and saving it to offline storage.
  • Introducing
    Just as in FFL Tools
    Process 4473s
    Perform Background
    Will not function without
    FFL Tools Professional
    installed somewhere on
    your local area network.

FFL Tools Addon Modules

The developers of FFL Tools have received many requests to add additional functionality for FFL holders that are manufacturers or sell NFA items, or both. When contemplating these requests for extra functionality, two concerns where raised:

  1. Not all FFL Holders will need the functionality!
  2. Why raise the cost for FFL Holders that do not need the extra functionality?

Because of these two concerns it was decided that additional functionality that was not needed by every FFL holder would be provided as Addon Modules. This helps us keep the base cost of FFL Tools low while providing the increased functionality to FFL Holders that require it at a reasonable cost.

Complex Manufacturing Addon Module

The Complex Manufacturing Addon Module has been designed to work for Creation and Assembly Manufacturing operations.  Cost of the Complex Manufacturing Addon is $160.00 with $40.00 yearly support and maintenance.  Please read the documentation for the Complex Manufacturing Addon.

NFA Support Addon Module

NFA support is directly integrated with other modules in FFL Tools.  It was designed to create NFA Forms 2, 3, and 4.  It includes an NFA Manager Module and NFA Boundbook.  Cost of the NFA Module is $80.00 with $20 yearly support and maintenance.  Please read the FFL Tools Documentation on how the NFA Module is integrated with FFL Tools.

QuickBooks Integration Addon Module

The QuickBooks Integration Addon Module streamlines the workflow when acquiring and disposing firearms.  Once configured, you have the option to generate a QuickBooks Bill  for firearms that are acquired in FFL Tools.  You will no longer have to to acquire firearms in FFL Tools and then duplicate effort by then creating a QuickBooks Bill.  With the QuickBooks Integration, duplicate effort is also removed as you can generate QuickBooks Sales Receipts or Invoice from FFL Tools.  Cost of the QuickBooks Integration Module is $160.00 with $40.00 yearly support and maintenance.  Please read the documentation for the QuickBooks Integration Addon.

Note: If you are an existing user of FFL Tools the yearly support will be prorated for each module so that the renewal of support for the Addon will coincide with FFL Tools maintenance and support.

FFL Tools Versions

Client Side Form 4473
Seller Side Form 4473
Background Checks
Acquisition / Dispostion
Bound Book Reports
Firearm Inquiry and Edit

Covers All Installations
requires database install
Support Options
Maintenance Costs
Pick a version and get started now.
Allows customers to fill out customer information on a Form 4473
Requires installation of FFL Tools Professional on local network.
Forum, E-Mail and Phone
Maintenance Free
Receives all minor and major updates to remain fully BATFE compliant.
Download for free and try it out now!
Electronic Forms 4473, Integrated NICS and State Background Check Systems
Coming soon...
NFA Forms Processing
Requires installation of FFL Tools Professional on local network.
Forum, E-Mail and Phone
$20 Yearly Maintenance
Receives all minor updates for the current major version. eg. (1.5, 1.6)
Purchase from within the software itself!
Bound Book, Electronic Forms 4473, 3310.4, 3310-11, Reports, Integrated NICS and eZCheck
QuickBooks Integration ($200)
Complex Manufacturing ($200)
NFA Forms Processing ($100)
No additional requirements. Database included to support all applications.
Forum, E-Mail and Phone
$99 Yearly Maintenance
Professional version receives all minor updates for the current major version. eg. (1.1, 1.2)
Purchase from within the software itself!